HEIC metadata information

HEIC files can include metadata in the formats: EXIF, XMP and MEPG-7

HEIC metadata
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HEIC supports extensive metadata including Exif, XMP, and MPEG-7

These metadata contain crucial details such as camera settings, location data, timestamps, and editing history. They offer profound insights into the image's context and creation process, enhancing its value and organization.

For professionals and enthusiasts, HEIC's robust metadata capabilities offer a wealth of information for fine-tuning edits, organizing libraries, and safeguarding intellectual property rights. As a result, HEIC emerges as a versatile and efficient format for capturing, managing, and sharing digital images in today's dynamic landscape.

HEIC metadata formats

HEIC images can optionally be characterized with metadata information in the formats:

  • Exif metadata

    Comprising technical information like camera settings and exposure parameters, aids photographers in post-processing and editing workflows.

  • XMP metadata

    XMP acilitates the embedding of descriptive tags, copyright information, and creator attributions, ensuring proper recognition and ownership.

  • MPEG-7 metadata

    MPEG-7 allows the inclusion of multimedia descriptions and annotations for enhanced searchability and categorization. This comprehensive metadata support not only enriches the user experience but also streamlines image management and preservation efforts.

How to read HEIC metadata

Using an HEIC metadata viewer. You can read all the metadata of an HEIC file with the HEIC viewer online.

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