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How to convert HEIC files to JPG with HEIC Digital

1. Upload one or more files to convert multiple HEIC to JPG. During the conversion you can add more photos.

2. Wait while the HEIC converter is doing the conversion. You will be able to see the conversion progress.

3. View or download a photo, or download all together in a ZIP file.

The ideal solution for batch conversion from HEIC to JPG

At HEIC Digital you will find tools to open and convert HEIC photos to other more compatible formats.

Our converters are fast, secure and easy to use. You can mass convert HEIC photos to JPG and then download a single ZIP file with all the converted photos.

All photos you upload to HEIC Digital to view online, or convert to other formats, will be automatically deleted one hour after uploading.

If you want to know who is behind HEIC Digital you can read about us.

HEIC conversion tools and information about HEIF format


Turn your HEIC images into PDF files for simple sharing and viewing purposes.

HEIC to PDF Convert HEIC to PDF

Online viewer

You can easily open HEIC photos from any device and view them with ease using our free online viewer.

HEIC viewer HEIC file viewer


These images will help you test our HEIC converter and see how it works.

HEIC Samples HEIC image download

Effortlessly enhance compatibility by changing HEIC to JPG

HEIC convert free

HEIC Digital is a free online HEIC converter that lets you quickly and easily convert photo from HEIC to JPG. With no need for registration or software downloads, our converter is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to convert HEIC files.

Bulk convert HEIC to JPG

You don't have to upload files individually anymore. Our conversor can handle multiple HEIC files at once, making the process smooth and efficient for you. You can add extra photos while converting photos from HEIC to JPG.

Download in ZIP file

Transform HEIC to JPG without losing quality and download converted files with one click. Once the conversion is over you can download all the converted photos in a compressed ZIP file.

Fast conversion of HEIF image

The HEIC image converter starts quickly after uploading the first file. Mutiple images can be added while converting. We have sample HEIC files for testing created by an iPhone (iOS).

HEIF image format

People often call HEIF files HEIC because of the way the file extension looks. Feel free to use our easy online tool to convert your HEIF files to JPG format without any hassle.

Multi platform support

If you are looking how to convert HEIC to JPG on PC, Windows, MAC o Linux this is the right place. Works with all operating systems and also in mobiles devices, and converts photos from iPhone (Apple) and Samsung.

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May 9, 2024

OH MY GOODNESS! Are you like me, surprised when something you expected to be hard to do turns out to be easy? Somehow the setting on my phone got switched to HEIC and a whole set of photos were essentially unusable (I'm an android/google user, not apple or microsoft). I was really worried about how I was going to redo the pictures, then I found this time-saving, sanity-saving tool - IT WORKED PERFECTLY!

Cindy Wright
United States of America

Straightforward utility that does…

May 8, 2024

Straightforward utility that does exactly what it's meant to. No ads, just upload, select, convert and download. Wish more apps were like that!

Alistair Sutherland - United Kingdom

Quick and easy to use

Apr 21, 2024

Easiest solution to an annoying problem. Was so quick and worked perfectly. Thank you!!

Rebeca Brockbank
United States of America

Great website for converting HEIC files

Feb 29, 2024

Great website for converting batches of HEIC files to JPG. They do dispay ads, however they are static, there's no malware, no subscription or login necessary to do the conversion and they hand you over your converted files on a handy zip file for download. 10/10

Guilherme Jappe - New Zeland

Finally a place to convert the Apple…

Feb 6, 2024

Finally a place to convert the Apple proprietary format to an industry standard - without downloading anything, without malware, without ads. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

United States of America

Keep metadata after convert heif image format

The image converter keeps all the metadata associated with the initial photo.

Metadata information

Beyond pixels, the transformation doesn't remove the HEIC metadata information, and retains essential details concerning the device used, geolocation, and photography parameters.

The new file contains all the technical details of the original HEIC image. It includes information about the camera used, exposure settings, and even where the photo was taken.

Including geolocation data enhances your photo collection, helping you remember where you took each picture and relive those moments whenever you view them. No matter if it's a travel escapade or a local view, HEIC Digital makes sure the geographic details stay preserved in the converted JPEG.

Photography fans will like that the online converter keeps all the detailed info about exposure settings, white balance, and other stuff, giving a peek into the technical side of each shot.

In our samples page you can download HEIC images with metadata information, and check the metadata retention after the conversion.

Metadata information of the heif format

HEIC files can use this types of metadata: EXIF, XMP, and MPEG-7.