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How to convert HEIC to PDF with HEIC Digital

1. Drap & drop your files to
convert multiple HEIC to PDF.

2. Wait while the converter
turn HEIC into PDF.

3. Download your photos
in PDF format.

Convert multiple HEIC to PDF online for free with HEIC Digital

Bulk convert HEIC to PDF

Make your digital tasks easier and organize your images effortlessly using our bulk HEIF to PDF converter. Experience the ease of converting lots of HEIC files into PDFs with just a few clicks.

Convert HEIF image to PDF

You can download HEIF images from our samples page and use them to test the HEIC to PDF converter online, and transform apple photo to PDF. We have vertical and horizontal photos taken with iPhone, iPad and Samsung.

Multi platform support

You can use HEIC Digital to solve the problem of transforming a HEIF image to PDF on Windows, MAC, Linux. The online converter is compatible with all operating systems and mobile devices iPhone, Samsung and other brands.

Universal compatibility

PDF is a widely supported format that can be opened and viewed on any device, regardless of the operating system. By converting multiple HEIC to PDF, you ensure that your images can be easily accessed and shared by anyone, without the need for specialized software or devices.

Preservation of image quality

When you convert to PDF, your HEIF images keep their original quality intact. You won't have to worry about any loss of resolution or clarity, ensuring that your visuals remain stunning and vibrant.

Privacy and security

We understand the need to protect your personal data. Once you've uploaded your HEIC files and converted them to PDF, all files are automatically deleted from our server within an hour. You can rest assured that your privacy is our top priority.