About us

Why HEIC Digital was created and who is behind it

HEIC Digital arose from the common problem that we all have: we cannot see photos in HEIC format.

In mid-2023 in a web project that we developed at Space Bits in which we automated the processing of some photos uploaded by users participating in an event. Some photos did not display correctly, and we discovered the existence of the HEIC format. People who used iPhones participated in that event and uploaded photos with a .heic extension, and the website was not capable of processing them.

From this specific problem we created a system to transform HEIC to JPG, a format with which it is easier to work and at the same time we can maintain the original metadata of the photo. We implemented it in that project.

We then created a simple website to transform multiple HEIC files for internal use, friends and collaborators. We saw that the tool was powerful and decided to name it and make it public to everyone. At that time in October 2023, HEIC Digital was born as such, with only the option to convert from HEIC to JPG and available in Spanish and English. Choosing English as your main language.

Since then, the website and the converter have grown in functionality and languages.