HEIC viewer to open HEIC files online

Select HEIC photo from your hard drive and open it online with the HEIC image viewer

Open HEIC file online

Click on the button below. Select your HEIC file on your computer
and you will be able to view the photo and its metadata with the HEIC file viewer.

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After opening an HEIC file you can download a copy in JPG.
To open multiple HEIC files we have another tool to bulk convert HEIC to JPG.

HEIC image viewer online

Our free HEIC viewer is a versatile tool designed to seamlessly open and view HEIC files online. Whether you've taken photos on your iPhone or got them in HEIC format, our viewer is designed to be easy to use and friendly for everyone.

Whether you love taking photos, need to understand your images better, or just want to explore their details, our HEIC image viewer is here for you. The HEIC opener is a simple and informative tool for anyone interested in their pictures.

Easily view and convert HEIF to JPG without any software installation. You can upload your HEIC file, check it out instantly, and grab a JPG version while preserving all the original details like camera settings and location info in the metadata information..


An HEIC viewer online eliminates the need to download or install any software on your device. You can access the tool directly from your web browser, making it easy and hassle-free to view and convert HEIC files whenever needed.


Some devices and systems don't support HEIC format automatically. But with an online HEIC viewer, you can make sure your images work well on any platform or device, whether it's a Windows PC, Android phone, or anything else.


HEIC Digital prioritize the privacy and security of your uploaded files. We use security measures to keep your data safe and make sure your files stay protected while you're viewing and converting them.

Fast Processing

The HEIC viewer works fast, so you can quickly view and convert your HEIC files without any waiting around. You don't need to wait for software installations or lengthy file conversion processes.

HEIC metadata viewer

This tool not only lets you open and view HEIC files but also allows you to check out all the detailed metadata info linked to each HEIC image. It's the perfect choice for getting a full visual experience.

You can view all the EXIF metadata of the HEIF image: Date and time, device and software, geolocation, exposure, color, quality and copyright information.

In our samples page you will find heic test image with original metadata.